Digital Media Specialist

Jimmy’s best known for his daytime broadcasting work, but he also works as a digital media and marketing specialist.


He has worked for: big name brands, celebrities, magazines, record labels, restaurants, charities and many other businesses. Jimmy has a passion for social media, video production, photography, PPC advertising and writing.


Even though Jimmy’s resume is impressive, don’t let it put of off contacting him to help you, he also works for lot’s of small independent businesses and can come up with digital marketing plans for anyone.


If you need to get hold of Jimmy directly, you can email him at: and he would love to help your business bloom.

What you talkin' about Willis?

Social Media Management

It begins with your social media strategy. This provides the road map for my expertly crafted posts, customer-creating interactions, guaranteed social growth and meticulous statistic reports. It ends with your results!

Video Production

I’m an end-to-end creative, self-shooting and editing video producer; working with passion to develop an initial concept, through storyboarding, filming, editing and post-production to delivery with a digital marketing support package.


Images play a crucial role in the world of social media - and marketing as a whole.


You’ve heard it time and time again: a post with visual content will garner more engagement than its text-based counterpart.