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Vass 740E SuperNova Heavy Duty PVC Chest Wader Review | Jimmy Willis

Vass 740E SuperNova Heavy Duty PVC Chest Wader with Knee-reinforcement review - I've been using these for 2 years and they are my favourite waders ever (and they look great too).

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What Vass says:

The Vass-Tex 740E SuperNova range has earned the right to be the ‘Best PVC Wader’ on the market. However as part of Vass’s constant development this tough wader has become tougher! The Vass-Tex 740E SuperNova now boasts the addition of the New reinforced ‘Vass Boot’ as well as the addition of front D-Rings on the chest wader for attaching your fishing tools or chest bag.

Many of you have probably experienced problems with other brands of PVC waders letting you down or finding Neoprene and breathables too delicate for the job! These are the reasons why Vass have continued to developed the premium ‘Vass-Tex 740E Waders which offer you the most advanced and toughest PVC wader on the market.

In addition to high quality of manufacturing and raw materials used, Vass have combined over 10 market leading features which include exclusive Vass-Tex 740 ‘Heavy Duty’ material (smooth thick PVC outer with soft flexible polyester reverse) and now the new Ultra Chunky ‘Vass Boot’ to mention just a few.

  • Extra Heavy Duty ‘Vass -Tex 740 Series’ material with flexible bi-stretch properties for comfort and reliability

  • Chest wader box stitch reinforcement with elasticated braceloop including D-ring

  • Internal chest wader pocket with storm flap

  • Quad-Welded seams for ultimate strength

  • Easy Repair Material (see website for repair instructions)

  • High Quality Vass Boot, wider calf and foot fitting for comfort

  • Harder wearing chunky yellow sole

  • Right & Left hand brace now adjustable from the front

  • High quality elasticated braces (Chest and Thigh Wader)

  • Braces can be used as a belt in waist position

  • Safety draw-cord around the chest (Chest Wader only)

  • Knee reinforcement (double layered fabric)

Wader Codes:

VC740-70E Non Studded

VC740-71E Studded Sole

VC740-72E Vass Mega-Stud Sole

Sizes (Euro conversion updated on products filtering through from July 2021):

UK 6 / Euro 40 (39-40)

UK 7 / Euro 41

UK 8 / Euro 42

UK 9 / Euro 43

UK 10 / Euro 44

UK 11 / Euro 45

UK 12 / Euro 46

UK 13 / Euro 47 (47-48)

What you talkin' 'bout, Willis?


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