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I'm coming back (to Carp fishing)

19 Nov 2017


Right then Carp fishing fanatics, I NEED YOUR HELP! I have been away for a number of years, but I’m coming back to my roots! I’m making a Carp fishing come back and I need to get fully kitted out again!


I will be doing a full 12 month campaign that will see me competing in the UK Carp Championships & the British Carp Angling Championship. I’m also going to be targeting some big Catfish throughout the year as well, which is a new thing for me!

I’m leaning towards getting x3 @soniksports VADERX rods in 3.5lb, mainly because of the price - and they look like nice rods. But, I have never used them, have you? Any help would be great. As I need to start over with all my kit, it’s going to get expensive, so that’s why I was leaning towards the VADERX as they seem very reasonably priced.


The other rods I have been looking at are: Daiwa Longbow, Fox Torque, Greys Prodigy GT3, JRC Extreme XLR, E-S-P Paragon Plus, Nash Entity or the Shimano Tribal Velocity.


So what are we thinking people???


For reels I think I’m going to go with Shimano baitrunners, as I love them. But if you have any other suggestions, hit me up?


Also I need to get a new landing net (50in), bivvy, rod pod, alarms and bed chair. If you have any suggestions, feel free to hit me up: jimmy@jimmywillis.tv


Tight lines people,




P.S: Don’t worry, I will still be doing lot’s of sea fishing, including writing a number of articles for Sea Angler magazine!


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