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Social Media Management

From your content, to your community management, to your PPC advertising and more, I can take full charge of your Social Media activity - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I can sit perfectly alongside your marketing team to evolve your social media channels into real and profitable assets while you don't have to lay one more finger on your accounts.


Are you launching a new Product, App or Service, or are you running a specific campaign such as Christmas, Valentines Day or a Bank Holiday? Maybe you just need your content to get to your target audience with the use of paid ads? I've worked with large and small companies to deliver campaigns that give you a fantastic ROI compared to traditional channels.


It begins with your social media strategy. This provides the road map for my expertly crafted posts, customer-creating interactions, guaranteed social growth and meticulous statistic reports. It ends with your results

Feel free to send me an email: jimmy@jimmywillis.tv or fill out the form here.

Social Media Management